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Binnenkort: The Belgian Pride

The Pride marks the climax of full weeks of LGBT celebrations. The parade on Saturday through the streets of Brussels comes after a full week of events, debates, thematic evenings, literary cafes and other festive events.

Each year, true to tradition, the event opens the European gay pride season in the heart of Europe. With the traditional Parade, that goes across the city centre to the Pride Village where information happily mingles with entertainment.

Wanneer:     17 mei- 19 mei, 2019 meer informatie

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Binnenkort/ soon Brussel agenda

vrijdag 17 mei
16:00  Brussel Pride- Rainbow VillageBrussels Pr
zaterdag 18 mei
16:00  Brussel Pride- Parade& VillageBrussels Pr

  complete agenda voor Brussel

  complete agenda voor Brussel

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